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Forging a Worldwide Reputation.
What began as a small family-run company is today India’s largest manufacturer of ductile iron pipe. With a presence spanning the oceans, Electrosteel Castings, Ltd. has earned a reputation for quality and innovation in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. An output capacity of nearly 500,000 tons a year has resulted in ECL products being spec’d for many of the world’s largest, most demanding infrastructure projects. With the creation of Electrosteel USA, based in Birmingham, Alabama, that worldwide expertise is now available in the North and South American markets.

Soon American customers will know what the world has known for some time, that Electrosteel is a forward thinking company dedicated to pioneering new products that emphasize value.

This website is an example of how we strive to enhance every facet of the Electrosteel experience. Innovations like our online pricing calculator and easily downloadable spec sheets are just the lastest examples of a reputation for inventiveness and value that stretches back decades.

And while we built our reputation on the quality of the ductile iron we’ve produced, our image has a much broader base than just our pipe and fittings. The Electrosteel reputation for service is as key to who we are as the vertical integration we utilize to ensure product quality. When you select Electrosteel USA, you’ve not only found a supplier you can trust, but also added a valuable advisor with a depth of experience that’s worldwide.

Please click here to access the PDF file, Our Focus on Quality, Safety and the Environment.