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Electrosteel USA: Innovation

Cast to be the Leader.
For over 50 years innovation has been as important to Electrosteel’s success as the ductile iron we cast. The diversity of worldwide environmental conditions where our products have been used reflects our agility at developing solutions to specific needs.

That’s not to say we’re ready to rest on our laurels. At Electrosteel we continue to research new methods and materials. You’ll see these new advances in future products that only Electrosteel could provide. From color coding to breakthroughs in anti-corrosion protection, the place to discover the future of the industry is here at ElectrosteelUSA.com.

If your project has unique issues that you must deal with, contact us. Chances are we are familiar with the situation and a solution may be readily available. Or, we may be able to suggest a work-around based on the experiences of our other customers. In any case, we appreciate hearing from the end user of our products. Listening to you is part of the Electrosteel tradition and has resulted in some of our most innovative product development.