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A Quality Alliance.
In today’s global business environment, purchasing any item, no matter how small, is often the culmination of a series of free trade interactions. And among all the tendons of trade connecting markets, none is more dynamic than the relationship developing between the US and India.

As the world’s oldest and largest democracies respectively, the US and India share more than a governance philosophy – a growing list of America’s finest corporations have found value in investing in an Indian alliance. Since 1991, US companies have staked over $8 billion in the world’s fastest growing economy. A burgeoning middle class of 300 million Indians has made investing in India not only viable, but also highly advantageous. An Indian preference for US products, combined with tremendous purchasing power, has transformed the Indian middle class into some of the USA’s greatest customers.

As with all healthy trade relationships, the benefits travel in both directions. Since 2002, Indian investment in the US has increased significantly. Growing on average by 75% each year. The recent diversification of Electrosteel Castings, Ltd. into the US market is an example of our ambition to bring peerless value to US customers. With an established reputation for innovation and quality, our newest endeavor Electrosteel USA, will expand our tradition as a trustworthy partner to the US market.