We Operate Electrosteel with These Simple Values

  • Make a Profit

    We believe profit is meeting customers’ expectations at a cost less than our competitors. So how do we do it? Simple… someone once said a business can only prioritize 2 of the following 3 things: Service, Price or Quality. We prioritize price and quality. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about service but we will not spend excessively on inventory, marketing, storage yards, sales teams, etc. Do you really need them? If a customer fails to schedule their work properly then there are other higher-cost vendors available for them. We do not have sales teams calling on customers every other day. How many salesmen do you really want to talk to? We do not spend frivolously on ads and tradeshows. Sure that means you may not have heard of us before but once you do, you’ll be hooked! We are guessing a lower acquisition cost and unbeatable quality are more important to you.

  • Family

    Nobody shows up to work on a loading dock on a hot summer day because they like it. We all work because our hard work provides for our families. Electrosteel knows if we provide for our employee’s family they’ll provide for our customers. So we pay 100% of family medical insurance. We offer flexible hours for dealing with family issues. We give up to 4 weeks’ paid vacation. We pay 100% of the cost of supplemental accident insurance. We invest in safety, employee development and job security. Why? Because if we take care of their families, they’ll take care of our customers!

  • Work

    We love hard work. We simply care more and are willing to work harder than anybody else in our industry. And Electrosteel invests in that attitude. Employee pay is targeted to be at least 10% better than their peers but in return, we expect 25% more work! Simple right? We’d rather have 7 great employees than 10 average ones. And you’ll see it in the results we produce.

  • Home

    What brings it all together? Our love and pride for contributing to this great country. The USA was built on iron pipe and now it’s our turn to do our part. We love knowing that 100 years from now someone is going to dig up our NuBlu pipe and say, “Wow, I can still read the writing!” Everybody wants to believe their work is contributing in some way to something bigger. At Electrosteel, we know if it wasn’t for the effort we put forth everyday utilities in the USA would not have access to the innovation, quality and price we deliver. We’re proud of that and know our great-grandkids will appreciate it too!