Take a Look at How We are Solving Your Challenges

Question #1

Q: A customer in Southern FL asked, “What is the maximum operating temperature of your cement lining with seal coat?”

A: Our cement lining with seal coat can serve in wet environments up to 150 degrees F. For wet applications up to 212 degrees F, we suggest cement lining with no seal coat or Tnemec’s Perma Shield 431.

So what happened?
This distributor committed to a delivery schedule without reconciling this technical issue first. Lead times for no seal coat were >60 days because no seal coat cement is not a standard item. To accommodate their schedule, EUSA agreed to sell 431 lined pipe for the same price as cement lined! 431 lined pipe costs >50% more than cement lined pipe but this customer was a longtime customer of ours who was in a bind. We may have lost some money but our partner kept his promise and the contractor got back to work. We’re sure both will be back!

Question #2

Q: What are the limits to handling damage on NuBlu’s epoxy finishing coat?

A: NuBlu is designed around ISO 8179 which limits damage on the metalized zinc coating to 6cm2 per meter of pipe. 8179 is silent, however on damage to the topcoat. In the absence of a standard, EUSA recommends touching up any damaged finishing coat which exceeds 5 cm. A quality epoxy such as Tnemec N41 will work fine.

Question #3

Q: A utility in Texas asked, “Is your Pushtite joint a registered Tyton Joint®?”

A: No, Tyton Joint® is a trademarked name owned by U.S. Pipe. We have had an open request into US Pipe since May 2009 but have yet to get a response. In late 2009, fearing they would never call, we trademarked Pushtite and now offer it as 100% interchangeable with Tyton Joint®. The reality is Tyton Joint® is a generic joint used throughout the world. More companies than we can count have been allowed to label their joints as Tyton. Therefore, duplicating the performance of Tyton was not difficult; We just have to explain why its named something different. Honestly, we kind of like it. It highlights the added competition we bring to the USA market. Disruptors are seldom welcomed into an industry by the old guard and we appreciate U.S. Pipe wants to put up as many barriers for us as possible but Tyton is just a name!

So what happened?
This utility approved us for bidding and may be rewarded by getting DIP instead of PVC on their next big 16” project!