Pipe that has been cut on site can easily be made ready for use by giving the plain end a bevel. With a portable grinder, create a 16° angle around the outside edge of the cut end. The edge of bevel and plain end of the pipe should be rounded off with the grinder. Grinding should produce a bevel that continues back about 1” from the edge. This bevel will ease assembly and protect the gasket from damage by removing rough edges.

Preparing a Field-Cut Pipe

Special consideration should be given to cutting pipe 14” or larger. In this case, pipe should be gauged full length.* Pipe that is gauged full length will be marked as such and conforms to ANSI/AWWA C151 Standard for Ductile Iron Pipe requiring spigot end factory gauging.

To ensure tolerances, pipe for field cutting needs field gauging at the point of where the cut is to be made. Mechanical joint glands can be used for field gauging.

* NOTE: A full length gauged pipe is a pipe whose outside diameter is within the spigot diameter specifications. Full gauged pipes should be specially ordered.